About Us

A Commitment to Excellence

The YDE experience is one of cutting edge academic excellence, discipline, and accountability in an atmosphere of warmth and respect, with a particular focus on serving Hashem with joy and happiness. Our students learn to use the tools provided for in our holy Torah to build spiritually and emotionally meaningful lives.

We work closely with parents in promoting the importance of individual responsibility, good middot, and self-esteem. In light of their profound role in the family dynamic, mothers are also given unprecedented influence in education matters. We believe that in teaching the importance of character and responsibility to our children we must first lead by example. As such we strive to be responsible, transparent, ethical, and hard working in our institutional activities and fiscal practices. YDE parents need not guess where the school stands on an issue. We are clear and available in due deference to the fact that the parent body are the greatest stakeholders and have the right to any and all information.

We aim to empower our students by helping them recognize their own gifts, appreciate their inherent worth as Torah Jews, and leave our doors with the tools to succeed in their divergent paths.

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