Educational Values

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Educational Values

Do we want our children to reach high levels of Torah erudition,
become fully knowledgeable in our traditions and inculcated with authentic Jewish values?

Leading by example in the paths of Torah.
Talmide Hachamim will infuse our children with a deep love and reverence for learning Torah.

Learning how to learn.
Students will be given the tools and resolve to independently develop their reading skills and Torah knowledge.

The words our Hachamim, their interpretations of halacha, and lessons in mussar are our guiding lights. Students will retain an unshakable appreciation toward our Sephardic minhagim and approach to reading and Torah learning. This heritage has forged our Community’s identity and exceptionalism over the centuries and we are proud to carry the flag.

Sephardic Pride.
Like our fathers and grandfathers, we have the honor and obligation to carry the torch forward. Our children will be infused with pride in the history and divine splendor of Sephardic Jewry by learning about our heritage and the outstanding accomplishments of our predecessors.

Do we want our children in a warm environment, where knowledgeable, experienced
and professional teachers genuinely care about their well-being?

Ahavat Yisrael.
Our students will be instilled with the knowledge that we are a part of a much larger and more diverse Jewish community. They will be proud to be members of the unique family of Am Yisrael. As loving family members, they will learn the importance of responsibility and of caring for one another. They will also learn to respect and appreciate different customs and seek opportunities to learn from them.

Accountability balanced with warmth.
At YDE we will be firm but always mindful that children learn best when they are loved and respected. Our goal is not to have students who are simply good at taking directions, rather it is to teach them the right directions to take in life.

Focusing on parent-teacher communication.
The home-school partnership is an essential element in the development of every child. At YDE we will use the latest communication tools to facilitate access to teachers, and to ensure that progress reports and online updates reach parents in a timely manner and encourage feedback.

Do we want our children to be motivated to excel academically, and have the tools
and capacity to use their gifts and strengths to pursue their desired career choice?

Cutting edge technology.
Our faculty will be teaching in modern facilities equipped with the most recent versions of smartboards, computers, science labs, etc…

Nurturing our students’ diverse interests.
Elective courses will give our students the opportunity to explore areas of potential interest.

Facing forward into the world.
Communication workshops including public speaking, salesmanship, and listening will distinctly enhance our students’ future professional and personal relationships. They will also learn skills for coping with peer pressure by believing in themselves, their principles, and core values.

Readiness for higher education.
Advanced placement college courses along with SAT/ACT preparatory programs will jump start our students’ transition to higher education.

New voices, wider vistas.
Visits to and from leaders and achievers in both the rabbinical and professional world will inspire and motivate students.

Extracurricular activities.
Team sports, music, workshops, and special hesed programs will be designed to teach our students the inner strength and feeling of responsibility that comes with helping others and themselves.

It is possible to build a Yeshiva around excellence in all of these areas.

That’s our goal.