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A Letter from Our Rosh Yeshiva

Dear Friend and Community Member,

I feel that is important for you to know how this project evolved. This past summer, I was approached by several community members who wanted my help in building an institution to educate their children.

Since we are part of a community which is almost single- mindedly devoted to yeshiva enrollment, the obvious question arose: is there a need for another yeshiva? The answer which returned, after careful contemplation, was yes. B”H, our community has grown and – with G-d’s help – will continue to grow in its yeshiva enrollment and the quality of its institutions. But it’s precisely from that growth that new needs evolve. Each one of our schools has charted its own special path in speaking to the needs of parents and their children. There remain however, families whose educational vision have not been addressed, and with that a need for a yeshiva that will speak to their specific concerns.

We are privileged to be a part of a most beautiful community, but with that comes the responsibility of always having its best interests in mind – A host of questions arose in thinking about the broader canvas of our community. Namely, is it in the community’s best interest to support another institution? With G-d’s help, the number of children that will attend our community yeshivot will more than double over the next 10 years – Ken Yirbu! Expanding existing institutions will become necessary, and new yeshivot will have to open their doors. An emerging yeshiva would be a necessary preparation for our community’s inevitable growth. There is an ethical question that every emerging institution must answer: is it motivated purely by a desire to elevate and enrich the community it serves? As I got to know my partners, I came to realize that they are pure, caring, and full of positive energy. They seek to build without destroying to promote without disparaging; to praise without criticizing to be positive without negating; to love without hating. The mission is their only goal. After addressing these concerns to the best of my abilities, this project began to engage my attention and it excited me in turn. The aims of the project seemed organic to the legacy of our traditions and our contemporary needs. As wall weighty decisions, I sought the advice of our community Rabbis and Elders who validated my assessments of the project being proposed.

Will it be easy? Are we lacking endeavors that we need to assume ones anew? I had to remind myself that during our lifetime, G-d sends opportunities our way and it is our responsibility to recognize them and to react accordingly.

This project is going to need a lot of hard work, but that is not a reason to walk away from it. Our parents and our ancestors sacrificed for us, and today we are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Let this be our sacrifice for the benefit of our children.

Will we succeed? Success is in the hands of the Creator. It is our job to put forth our best effort: work hard, keep our word, never lose sight of the goal, and pray to the Almighty that He should place His beracha in our efforts.

I feel very fortunate that Hashem has given us this opportunity. I beseech Him to guide us in the ways of truth and peace. And may the words of the prophet, Yeshaya, fall upon us: “ – You are my servant, Israel, in whom I take glory” .


Rabbi Meyer Yedid

President’s Letter

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish to share with you our vision for Yeshivat Darche Eres (YDE), what we hope will be a premier school in our community for years to come. We are the very fortunate beneficiaries of a great legacy. An illustrious community built on the sacrifice of our predecessors, and supported on the foundations of our holy Torah and rich heritage. Our distinguished yeshivot are the pillars that these great men and women used to build this foundation and
keep it strong.

B”H our community has grown in quantity and quality, and more pillars were added to share the load. Magnificent institutions have emerged over the years, each with its own unique personality, and each building and fortifying different sections of our community. YDE is proud to be the next pillar to carry on this legacy, supporting a new generation of spiritual and physical growth.

YDE will strive for excellence in Judaic and Secular studies in a loving, structured, and safe environment. We will instill in our children yirat shamayim and ahavat yisrael. With the guidance of our esteemed Rabbis and community visionaries, and borrowing from best practices implemented both nationally and across the spectrum of community schools, we aim to provide our children with a world class, cutting edge educational experience. We will supply them with the tools they need to succeed in life and reach their potential. By continuously seeking out efficiencies and innovating through technology, we will ensure that school funds will be spent in a fiscally responsible manner on the best available education and on your child’s well-being.

We look forward to greeting you in the coming days at our upcoming open house functions and sharing with you the details of our exciting plans for the years

Best regards,

Michael Jemal