Boys Elementary Faculty

Meet Our Rabbis and Teachers

Morah Shaindy Klein, Director of our Learning Center, graduated from Touro College with a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a specialty certification in Children with Disabilities. She has dual certification by New York State to teach children from nursery through grade six. She is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in School Building Leadership. Morah Shaindy has many years of experience teaching at Magen David Yeshivah, as well as experience working with children with an array of cognitive delays and learning challenges. Morah Shaindy excels at incorporating a multi-sensory approach to learning using balanced literacy, differentiated instruction, and learning through centers to integrate the new Common Core Learning Standards into every lesson. Morah Shaindy is also a Kindergarten Limude Kodesh teacher at the YDE Girls School.

Miss Rachel Tyberg is our Keriyah Specialist and Judaic Studies Curriculum Coordinator. Miss Tyberg holds a Master of Science in Education and Literacy. She is New York State certified to teach general education and trained to teach Keriyah based on the Slingerland and Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approaches. Rachel taught second grade Judaic Studies for four years. She also worked as a Keriyah specialist at Magen David Yeshivah for three years. She specializes in teaching Hebrew decoding skills using kinesthetic and tactile activities to facilitate reading. Rachel has a passion for what she does and loves giving children a chance to succeed.

Rabbi Isaac Shamula is a warm and caring Limude Kodesh Kindergarten Rabbi at YDE. He runs a Shabbat youth program and he has many years of experience tutoring children of all ages in a variety of subjects. He is trained in teaching keriyah and ketivah using multi-sensory techniques based on the Orton-Gillingham methodology. His mission is to instill yirat shamayim and a love of Torah in his students and to motivate each talmid to strive for mastery of the YDE Limude Kodesh curriculum.

Rabbi Moshe Betesh, our warm and caring kindergarten limude kodesh teacher is a graduate of Torah U’Mesorah, the National Society for Hebrew Day Schools, in conjunction with Beth Medrash Gavoha’s Aish Dos Machon limelamdim- Lakewood teacher’s training course. Rabbi Betesh spent the past 5 years learning in kollelim Mikdash Melech in Brooklyn and Rabbi Diamond’s Deal Sephardic Torah Center. Rabbi Betesh, a native of Deal, worked in Camp Dan during the summers. For many years Rabbi Betesh was very successful with the campers and was able to connect and relate with the youth. Rabbi Betesh realized he wanted to take it one step further. He taught 3rd grade boys alongside Rabbi Netanel and assisted Rabbi Miller in Kindergarten. With his natural simhat hahaim and positive attitude, we are lucky and proud to have him as part of our staff.

Morah Devorah Gilkarov holds a dual degree in Education and Psychology. She is also currently working towards her Master’s in Speech Pathology. Morah Devorah has been teaching for six years. She previously taught in Shearim Girls’ High School for four years, the only Orthodox Jewish girls’ high school in Phoenix, Arizona. At the Young Israel of Ahavas Torah, in Scottsdale, Arizona, she was the head teacher of the Pre-1A class. She was also the head teacher in a gan setting for four-year-old boys and girls in Brooklyn. During her first year at YDE she was an assistant in Morah Shoshana Greenberg’s first grade class. The following year she assisted Morah Shiandy Klein’s kindergarten girl’s class and Morah Dasi Milner’s kindergarten boy’s class. This year, she has her own kindergarten class. Morah Devorah’s passion in life is to teach. It is truly a pleasure for her to watch the children mature and grow academically, emotionally and spiritually.

Rabbi Yochai Oren, our first grade boys Limude Kodesh teacher, is the rabbi of the Ahi Ezer Torah Center Young Adult Minyan and gives classes in Rabbi Yedid’s morning program in Shaare Zion as well. For several years, Rabbi Oren taught at the Magen David High School after school learning program. He also has experience in teaching children with learning disabilities and has even spent several years working with physically and mentally disabled children. Rabbi Oren has studied in kollel for the past ten years and is currently a member of the Keter Sion Kollel. He is trained and certified in teaching keriah and ketivah through the Orton Gillingham method, using multi-sensory techniques. Rabbi Oren’s mission is to instill in his students a love of learning, and his warm and enthusiastic approach is sure to inspire them to reach their full potential.

Mrs. Claire Nachum is a second grade general studies teacher at YDE. She graduated from Brooklyn College and went to Hunter Graduate School for her dual Master’s in Special and General Education. While in graduate school, she worked at Reach For The Stars Learning Center, a school for children with Autism. She continued working there as a teacher after she graduated. She then worked a special education itinerant teacher and a resource room teacher for children who needed extra help with subjects such as Reading and Math. Mrs. Nachum’s experiences trained her to use many modalities to help children learn.

Rabbi Eliyahu Levy, our second grade boys Limude Kodesh teacher, is already a familiar face to the youth of our community. Rabbi Levy has been a leader in the Shaare Zion Youth Program for eight years, two of which has been with the newly revamped Father and Son Minyan. Rabbi Levy has spent the last twelve years in Bet Midrash/Kollel in Ateret Torah, and formerly in Yeshivat Torat Haim of Denver and in Mikdash Melech in Jerusalem. He is a graduate of the Mercaz LeHachsharat morim and the Torah Umesorah Teachers Training course. He is trained in the use of SMART Board technology and has used it to turn his classroom into an interactive, hands-on learning experience for his students. His fifteen years as a Ba’al Koreh in synagogues throughout the community have enabled him to instill the heritage of our forefather to the next generation of children.

Rabbi Binyamin Seruya, is our second grade Limude Kodesh Rabbi. After graduating from Yeshivat Ateret Torah, Rabbi Seruya studied for several years in Israel under the guidance of Hacham David Yosef at Kollel Yehave Daat, where he received his semicha and was known and respected for his excellence in all areas. He served as a Baal Kore and taught young boys at Yad Yosef Torah Center, as well as Bnei Binyamin. Rabbi Seruya is currently furthering his studies in advanced Halacha at Keter Sion, where he serves as the Rosh Haburah of the night program. He brings his vast areas of knowledge and experience into his second grade classroom where he inspires the young boys to learn and achieve at the highest levels possible. His deep commitment to his students and his drive for excellence are what makes him a great asset to YDE.

Rabbi Raphael Netanel, our third grade Limude Kodesh Rabbi in the boys division, is known for his dynamic personality and his ability to connect with every child. Rabbi Netanel has been the head counselor of Camp Dan in Deal, New Jersey for the last five years. He also teaches classes for the DSY learning program in Deal. Rabbi Netanel grew up in our community. He studied in Jerusalem for three years and then in Beth Midrash Gavoha for another five years. He currently teaches Humash to the ninth graders in YDE high school and is very involved in the night learning program in Shaare Zion. He also runs a youth minyan at the Ave. J Youth Center together with Rabbi Alex Miller. Rabbi Netanel’s mission is to instill his students with Yirat Shamayim in a positive and loving manner. He hopes each of his talmidim will become confident and proud Bene Torah.