Early Childhood

Gan Y.D.E.

Our youngest gems, the boys and girls of our toddler program, Gan Y.D.E., are growing up and becoming more independent day by day. The children have become accustomed to the daily routines and structure of their classrooms. Their Morot model and encourage them to transition from activity to activity, take care of their own belongings and maintain the order and cleanliness of the classroom. There has been, and will continue to be, a strong focus on social interactions and communicating with peers. The children are celebrated for expressing their needs and feelings in words, and are encouraged to speak up for themselves when things don’t feel right. Though they are still young, these boys and girls on track to becoming successful learners!


Colors, colors, colors! The nursery children in Y.D.E. are “knee-deep” in paint, crayons, clothing and manipulatives of all different colors. The classes have been focusing on one color each week in order that each child be able to identify and differentiate the beautiful colors we see around us. The children have been using colors to build their foundational math skills by sorting objects by color and using many different materials to make collages. Just like the many colors that make a rainbow, our special yeladim and yeladot make our yeshivah beautiful too!

Upper Nursery

The children in Upper Nursery are officially pre-readers! Each week the children are introduced to one of the consonants in the ABC’s. They examine the letter to note its shape and listen carefully to hear the sound it makes. Throughout the week many activities are scheduled to reinforce the shape and sound of the letter. The children use tactile means and materials to print each letter in a fun and memorable way, like dot-dot D’s, orange O’s and tissue T’s! To get comfortable with a letter’s corresponding sound, each class makes a list of many words that begin with the letter of the week. The children enjoy some physical activities connected to the letter of the week, like dancing on a big letter “D”! There are many opportunities for the children to practice writing the letters and watch their Morot model “dictionary writing” when they rewrite and retell stories, make observations about things around them and express their thoughts and feelings through dictation. Learning and writing in Upper Nursery is fun and interactive!