Boys High School Faculty

Mr. Harvey Feldman, High School Principal

Mr. Feldman has had extensive experience in both the Public School sector and the Yeshiva World. Mr. Feldman comes to YDE after completing more than 35 years of experience in the field of education as teacher and administrator. He possesses a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision and a second Master’s Degree in Education for Secondary School Social Studies. In addition to permanent NYS certification in secondary school Social Studies grades 7 through 12, he is also licensed in Language Arts. He has taught all aspects of the Social Studies curriculum on multiple grade levels. Before coming to YDE, Mr. Feldman served for many years as Principal of General Studies at the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach, Davis-Renov- Stahler, Yeshiva High School for Boys (DRS). At DRS, he was responsible for initiating many new and innovative programs.

During his nine year tenure at HAFTR, the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and the Rockaways, he initiated and was advisor to numerous extracurricular clubs and activities such as the Model Congress Program and the National Current Events League. Mr. Feldman also served as Assistant Principal in charge of general studies at Yeshiva Tiferes Torah (YTT) in Staten Island. He has traveled with groups of students to such Universities as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania to participate in academic competitions. He has written award-winning innovative classroom programs for both the United States Bicentennial on the Constitution and the New York City Impact II Program that were widely acclaimed and distributed.

Mr. Feldman has also been active in Jewish communal life having served as a member of the Executive Board of the Jewish Foundation School and President of Congregation Sha’arei Simcha in Staten Island. His primary focus has been to improve the quality of classroom instruction while meeting the academic needs for all students.

Mr. Feldman is confident in realizing his goal to create in YDE a school of recognized excellence in both Judaic and secular studies.

Dr. Yitzchak Goldberg PhD, High School Associate Principal

Dr. Goldberg comes to our school with extensive educational leadership and experience in curriculum development, teacher development, special education, and social emotional development. He is known as an innovative educator who has developed cutting edge curriculum along with meaningful student programming to provide students with an enriching and stimulating education.
As principal of the middle school at Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Dr. Goldberg incorporated a number of Project-Based Learning initiatives with a focus on technology and public student presentations. He has been recognized for creative and educationally meaningful programming which gives students opportunities to learn academic skills and present their work in a public forum utilizing creativity and technology.
Dr. Goldberg has set a high standard for students and teachers alike, and is known for creating a genuinely positive school environment with a balanced approach of accountability and warmth. In addition to acquiring a PhD. in psychology Dr. Goldberg has designed parenting programs to provide parents with researched based approaches in order to help educate their children. He participated in a group called DSCN and applied the Design Thinking approach to develop creative solutions to challenges faced by schools. As part of DSCN, he developed protocols for implementing solutions. Dr. Goldberg recently developed a protocol for school faculty and parents to co-design curriculum and school activities. This built a stronger relationship between school and parents and infused a tremendous sense of collaboration on all levels.
Dr. Goldberg has also made  some significant contributions in the field of psychology. For the past eight years, he served as the Director of the Diamond Summer Program, an intensive behavior modification summer treatment program for boys diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This program has been attended by thousands of children from all across the United States and is well known as an incredibly effective intervention for boys with behavioral disorders.
In his brief time in YDE, Dr. Goldberg has already introduced a number of new educational initiatives including a seminar in design thinking, a student research project about 9-11 and speakers on a variety of educational topics.

Rabbi Jonathan Muskat, Esq. High School Assistant Principal

Rabbi Jonathan Muskat, Esq., comes to YDE with an impressive academic background, together with many years of educational, administrative and leadership experience.  Rabbi Muskat received a Bachelor’s degree in Speech & Drama, a Master’s Degree in Medieval Jewish History and Rabbinical Ordination from Yeshiva University.  Rabbi Muskat then attended and received his J.D. from the New York University School of Law, which was one of the top five law schools in the country.  During this time, he was the youth director of the Young Israel of Great Neck, where he coordinated weekly educational and recreational activities for over 250 children and where he worked with over 50 high school students in developing their leadership skills as Shabbat morning youth leaders.  He then practiced corporate law at the prestigious international law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, for five years.

Rabbi Muskat then transitioned his career to the field of education, as he began teaching. For over ten years, Rabbi Muskat taught high school students at Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, HAFTR and Rambam Mesivta.  As an educator, he built strong relationships with his students both inside and outside the classroom, including numerous class Shabbatonim in his community throughout the year.  Additionally, Rabbi Muskat was in constant contact with their parents about their children’s progress.  Rabbi Muskat had high expectations for his students and he was able to motivate them to meet those expectations.

Since he started working at YDE, Rabbi Muskat has been heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of YDE as they relate to students and faculty, as a whole.  Thus far, his roles have included:  coordinating AP tests and the SAT prep course in conjunction with Mrs. Hefter, our college guidance counselor; observing teachers in the classroom and meeting with department chairs in order to ensure that the curriculum is being taught and educational goals are constantly being met; implementing and supervising the class attendance system for the school; implementing and supervising the procedure to assign existing staff to cover classes of absent teachers on a rotating basis; interfacing with the Director of Athletics; and publishing a weekly YDE newsletter which broadcasts the religious, academic, and extracurricular highlights of our school to the parent body on a regular basis.

Rabbi Naftali Braunstein, Director Judaic Honors Program

Rabbi Naftali Braunstein grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and attended local Yeshivot. He is the son of the famed Mrs. Zahava Braunstein A”H, who was instrumental in teaching and guiding the women and girls of the Syrian community in Brooklyn for many years. He spent many years in Israel, before and after marriage, where he trained as a Rabbi, and taught and mentored in various different Yeshivot. Rabbi Braunstein moved back to America, and served as Rosh Yeshiva/Dean of Students in the Yeshiva in Waterbury, Connecticut.
Rabbi Braunstein joined YDE at its inception, and currently heads the YDE Bet Midrash track and is Director of the Judaic honors program. He teaches classes to all grades in Honors Judaic Studies, serves as Mashgiah Ruhani to the Yeshiva, and is the Judaic faculty advisor.

Rabbi Avi Bensoussan, Director of Student Achievement

Rabbi Avi Bensoussan earned his Semicha from Yeshivat Torat Simha in Jerusalem. He also completed the Ner L’Elef Rabanut Program where he received training in substance abuse counseling and behavioral counseling. In addition, he completed the Ner L’Elef Hinuch Program, an advanced training program for Menahalim. Upon his return to New York, Rabbi Bensoussan received his master’s in educational leadership and began his career in Hinuch at Magen David Yeshiva High School. Aside from teaching, Rabbi Avi co-founded the Sunday Morning Torat Haim program, while serving as the Mashgiah Ruhani and functioning as Ninth Grade Dean. Furthering his education in Hinuch, Rabbi Bensoussan received certification from the Ohel Guidance Course, a program specializing in substance abuse counseling, conflict resolution and facilitating special education. Rabbi Bensoussan is our Director of Student Achievement, academic programs, student development, extracurricular activities and coordinator of special education services.

Rabbi Avi Salem, Dean of Students

Rabbi Avi Salem was born and raised in Israel, where he attended the finest Yeshivot. He spent many years educating and mentoring our Syrian community boys in Israel. He is also a co-founder of the popular camp, Mahane Yisrael. Rabbi Salem moved to New York to help continue the growth of YDE. He is also involved in a popular Shabbat Minyan for boys in Shaare Zion. Rabbi Salem is our Dean of Students and is instrumental in maintaining proper decorum in YDE. He maintains a close connection with all of the students, and is instrumental in helping them grow into mature, responsible young adults.

Rabbi Yonatan Turner, Twelfth Grade Dean

After graduating as valedictorian from his hometown high school yeshiva in New Haven, Connecticut, Rabbi Turner went to Israel to learn in Yeshiva. After he returned to America, he attended college and Yeshiva Torah Vadaat, where he enjoyed a close relationship with and received Semicha from Rabbi Avraham Pam Zt”l. Rabbi Turner is the director of Project Care and Concern, a community mentoring program. He has been teaching in various Yeshivot and schools, and is a highly sought after private tutor. He has many years of experience in the teaching and mentoring field. In his short time at YDE, he has already made a name for himself as a dedicated and approachable educator.

We look forward to a very exciting year!