Early Childhood Faculty

Morah Rozie Mochon
attended Brooklyn College and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is currently pursuing an M.A. in Early Childhood Education and Special Education.  Morah Rozie has many years of experience working with 2 and 3 year-old children and previously ran her own summer playgroup in New Jersey. For five years prior to joining the staff at YDE, she was an assistant and subsequently a teacher in the Atideinu 2’s program at Yeshivah of Flatbush.

Morah Jamie Neuhaus has had the opportunity to teach pre-nursery for several years. She truly enjoys teaching adorable little toddlers, when they begin learning how to follow simple directions and interact with peers.

YDE Nursery Morot strive to create secure and child-friendly classrooms fostering children’s self-confidence, social skills and independence. Students are encouraged to tap into their inner creativity and imagination as pathways to new learning in the Jewish and general content areas. Our morot work along with YDE parents to help each child reach his or her potential in all developmental areas.

Morah Minga Berkowitz has been a preschool educator, par excellence, who has been enabling children to thrive in her classrooms for over 17 years. She previously directed a day care program in Israel after which she founded an ran a playgroup for toddlers for several years in the USA. In addition, Morah Minga supervised an after school program where the children improved and enhanced their social skills. Morah Minga subsequently taught in Shaare Rahamim, where the children flourished and made great strides in all areas of preschool learning. At YDE, Morah Minga instills true Torah values in her students with age-appropriate visual, tactile and kinesthetic activities. Morah Minga has established a solid rapport with YDE parents to help partner with them in helping their children develop the skills and abilities they need as they reach the four year milestone.

Morah Mindy Tyberg has been privileged to teach pre-school children for many years. She has enjoyed her experience working with children from ages two to six. As a nursery teacher at YDE, Morah Mindy aims to inspire her students to gain confidence in their developing abilities in the areas of social and emotional development, language and pre-literacy skills, creative thinking and their ability to learn problem solving skills that lead to self efficacy. In Morah Mindy’s class there is great emphasis on creating a positive and risk-free learning environment where children feel comfortable and are willing to try new experiences. Morah Mindy approaches each new day as a new opportunity to create the setting and activities nursery children need to thrive.

Morah Chaya Kleinman, Upper Nursery teacher at YDE, is a graduate of Mercy College and Touro College.  She holds a B.A. in Behavioral Science/Education and an M.A. degree in School Psychology. Chaya has New York State Professional Certification in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. Before joining Yeshivat Darche Eres, Chaya enjoyed success as a full-day Upper Nursery head teacher for six years at Magen David Yeshiva.  Her goal as an early childhood teacher is to create a warm and exciting atmosphere where young children can build self-esteem and develop a love for learning. She creates a classroom environment with numerous learning centers such as art, dramatic play, library, building blocks, and a science discovery center. Circle Time will be a time for learning through book readings, science experiments, and stories about Jewish holidays, Parasha, midot, and much more. Children will develop gross motor skills in both the beautiful outdoor play area as well as through dance and yoga with Morah Chaya in the classroom.

Morah Shaindy Zahler has over twelve years of professional teaching experience. She taught Upper Nursery in Magen David Yeshivah for many years and did special education work as well. Morah Shaindy has a master’s degree in Education and Special Education. She has New York State Permanent Certification. Morah Shaindy has a special way of connecting with young children and her greatest sense of fulfillment is watching each child grow and flourish to his/her greatest potential. She provides a warm, nurturing and comfortable environment for each child and tailors her curriculum to meet each individual child’s needs. Morah Shaindy instills in the children a love for Jewish values, Torah and Misvot, along with high standards in the development of the foundational skills needed to achieve academic growth.

Morah Suri Schoenbrun is the physical education teacher for all of our early childhood and girls’ elementary school classes. She has worked with preschool and school age children for many years as a licensed group daycare provider, teacher of physical education and music and movement teacher. In addition, she has over twenty years of experience as a water safety instructor and head lifeguard. She holds many certifications in child physical activity and development as well as being certified in CPR and First Aid. Morah Suri emphasizes the importance of team work. She incorporates many exercise and fitness activities into her routines such as aerobics, stretching, yoga, gymnastics and sports to help children develop self-esteem and positive associations with exercise.