Questions That We Have Been Asked

1. Where is YDE located?

The Joseph H. Guindi Early Childhood Center
1625 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11223

The Frieda Yedid Girls Elementary School
325 Avenue Y
Brooklyn, New York 11223

The Hacham Baruch Ben-Haim Boys Elementary School
2260 East 12th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11229

The Rabbi Shaul J. Kassin Boys High School
Nakash Family Building
2533 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11223

2. It was mentioned that each child receives individualized attention. How do you accomplish that in the classroom and outside the classroom?

In our preschool and lower grades we have children work with a teacher in small groups for Keri-ah and Balanced Literacy. Teachers also work with individual children while the assistant supervises the other children involved in center activities. Teachers do circulate in the room and stop to work with individual children during a whole class activity.

3. Is there an assistant teacher in all the elementary grades along with the teacher in the classroom at all times?

Yes, there are one or two assistants helping the teachers in each of the elementary classrooms.

4. It was mentioned that a teaching certification along with being a good role model are the standards to be a teacher in YDE. Does this mean if you find a person who you feel is a great role model but does not have a New York state certification, they may still be hired?

No. General studies teachers have to be licensed teachers and role models. We are committing to excellence and we are not going to settle.

5. Are there safe outdoor grounds and playgrounds for children to play safely outside?

Yes, there are safe grounds for the children to play outdoors.

6. Is there security in the school?

There are security guards to ensure safety at all times.

7. Is YDE following the Board of Education’s curriculum and standards for each grade and what needs to be covered in all areas?

We follow the New York state curriculum and standards in each classroom.

8. Do all grades have English or Hebrew at the same time?

We try to have all Limude Kodesh classes in the morning in the elementary divisions.

9. How many children are there in each class?

We try to keep it at 12 students per class for the 2 year old program, and all other grades between 20-22 approximately.

10. Are there separate buildings for boys and girls?

Nursery classes are mixed boys & girls. Starting in Pre-1A, classes are separated with boys and girls in two separate locations.

11. Is there Sunday school?

Yes, for boys.

12. Are high school students able to earn credits toward college?

Yes, our students are given the opportunity to earn credits towards college.

13. Is there an athletics program?

Yes, our athletics program gives our students a healthy balance of physical activity as well as the opportunity to be part of a team.

14. My child is in preschool, and at the moment has a SEIT/shadow privately helping them develop some of their skills. This is usually provided by the Board of Ed. Will this program be accessible to us?

Yes, your child will be able to continue using his/her shadow.

15. Does the school have certain academic standards for acceptance?


16. Are the Rabbis hired from within our community?

Yes. We hire qualified Sephardi rabbis who were brought up in our community and are familiar with our customs.

17. Are cell phones allowed in elementary school?

Cell phones are not permitted in school.

18. How does YDE expect to overcome the difficulties and hurdles that other schools had taken years to iron out?

  • By learning from the success of others
  • By having an experienced staff that is able to implement fresh ideas easily
  • We are focused on the challenges of today, therefore there is an advantage in being new. We can build successful systems from the start without having to correct old systems.

19. What is the ultimate goal of YDE? What is their expected end product student look like?

Please refer to our mission statement.

20. Are scholarships available, in any form or aspect?


21. Does YDE offer private bus service?


22. How is Keriyah reinforced in the school, as many other community schools do not focus on this?

Our Rosh Yeshiva is a graduate of the most successful system of teaching reading skills; the school of Halab. We use their system of teaching keri-ah which helps ensure that all of our children will be fluent in reading and that they will all know the ta-amim of Tanach.