Girls Elementary Faculty

Meet Our Teachers

Morah Shaindy Klein, our Kindergarten Limude Kodesh teacher, graduated from Touro College with a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a specialty certification in Children with Disabilities. She has dual certification by New York State to teach children from nursery through grade six. She is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in School Building Leadership. Morah Shaindy has many years of experience teaching at Magen David Yeshivah, as well as experience working with children with an array of cognitive delays and learning challenges. Morah Shaindy excels at incorporating a multi-sensory approach to learning using balanced literacy, differentiated instruction, and learning through centers to integrate the new Common Core Learning Standards into every lesson. Her creativity and up-beat personality, along with her conviction that every child can enjoy learning, is felt throughout her classroom. Morah Shaindy is also the Director of the YDE Boys School Learning Center.

Morah Simi Lonner, our Kindergarten and first grade Limude Kodesh morah, comes to YDE with over three decades of professional experience as a morah and mentor to many aspiring young student teachers. Having received her degree in education and teacher’s license in Israel, Mrs. Lonner continued her course work in education at Queens College. She has taken advanced seminars in Keriah instruction and has taught scores of children how to read in a very natural and enjoyable way. Some of her many goals are for the students to attain a love for learning, an excitement in practicing our Torah way of life, a love for Eres Yisrael and the development and practice of midot tobot. Recognizing her successes in inspiring her talmidot and creative curriculum development, Mrs. Lonner arrives at YDE full of enthusiasm and hopes to contribute to the highest quality in Torah education.

Morah Pesi Neuman holds a Masters in General Education and Special Education. Her past work experiences include Kindergarten Headstart Teacher and YDE Nursery Co-teacher. Her work experiences in the special education field include providing SEIT, P3 and private tutoring services. Morah Pesi directed a day camp for 650 girls in the summer at Beth Jacob of Boro Park. Her present and future goals include instilling within the children the common core fundamental skills they need in literacy and math coupled with a love for learning in a warm, stimulating and exciting environment.

Mrs. Chaya Goldstein comes to YDE after 28 years of professional experience as first grade general studies teacher at Shulamith School for Girls of Brooklyn. Mrs. Goldstein graduated from Brooklyn College and is New York State certified. Mrs. Goldstein has mentored many newly appointed teachers as well as student teachers. Mrs. Goldstein has also been instrumental in curriculum development, serving as liaison for the Aussie Reading Program and is well versed in balanced literacy. Mrs. Goldstein has successfully implemented a first grade center-based classroom to provide remediation and enrichment for first grade students. Mrs. Goldstein comes to YDE with great enthusiasm. Her goal is to inspire her students to attain a love of learning and promote their academic success.

Mrs. Nechama Kanarek is currently our newest parallel first grade teacher. She comes to our school with over a decade of experience in educating and inspiring the boys and girls of our community.As a daughter and granddaughter of veteran principals and master educators, she has hands on training in addition to a teachers college education. She brings this expertise and professionalism to her classroom and continues with the family tradition of mentoring, guiding, and training new teachers. As a dynamic Limude Kodesh teacher, Mrs. Kanarek’s primary goals are to instill in her talmidot a tremendous pride in our rich heritage, inculcate a joy of learning, while simultaneously enriching their skills and empowering them with tools to help them grow. Mrs. Kanarek feels fortunate to be counted amongst the faculty of this outstanding Yeshiva.

Mrs. Esther Moser our first grade general studies teacher has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a dual Master’s degree in Education and Special Education in grades 1 through 6. Mrs. Moser is passionate about teaching and enjoys seeing the excitement for learning in her students. She is excited to be part of the YDE family and watching her students grow in their education.

Morah Mindy Deutsch is a second grade Limude Kodesh teacher in the YDE Girls Division. She has been teaching second grade for the past thirteen years. She has a degree in psychology from Touro College. Morah Mindy has developed many techniques to teach skill-based Humash to second grade students. Morah Mindy infuses her talmidot with a lifelong love for Torah learning.

Mrs. Beth Halberstam is our 2nd grade general studies teacher. Upon her graduation from Brooklyn College with a major in education, she started teaching second grade at Magen David Yeshiva as a New York State certified teacher while also pursuing a Masters in Guidance and Counseling. Mrs. Halberstam moved on to teach Social Studies to grades 6 and 8 at Shulamith Middle School and was a Guidance Counselor in the high school. She also worked as an Academic Advisor at Machon L’Parnasa, a division of Touro College. As a dedicated educator and a lifelong learner, she took her years of experience in the classroom and pursued a degree as a school administrator and became an assistant principal. She is now returning to teaching second grade at YDE and is looking forward to working with our students and hoping to inspire them to enjoy learning and to achieve success academically and socially.

Mrs. Frumie Chernoff, our third grade Limude Kodesh teacher, has many years of experience teaching both general and special education. She has taught fourth grade at Bais Yaakov and also taught third grade for many years at Magen David Yeshivah. Mrs. Chernoff has a Master’s Degree in Special Education and uses many modalities to enhance her teaching. Mrs. Chernoff brings her creativity and enthusiasm into her classroom where she inspires her students and instills within them Yirat Shamayim and a love for learning.

Miss Chaya Englard is our literacy coach and third grade general studies teacher. She is a New York State Certified teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and and a Master’s of Science in Special Education. She has attended the Reading and Writing Institutes at Columbia University for the past two summers. She has taught in the Beth Jacob of Boro Park for several years. As a lead teacher, she helped implement the reading and writing curriculum and mentored new teachers in the balanced literacy approach. In addition, she works privately as a writing specialist for elementary aged students. Miss Englard brings her professionalism and extensive knowledge in the field of literacy to her teaching and coaching. Her goal is to create lifelong readers and writers. Miss Englard is committed to personal academic growth and staying updated on the latest research in education.

Mrs. Claire Yaakov, our fourth grade Limude Kodesh teacher, a Ph.D. in Education candidate, currently retains a Master’s of Science in Special Education, New York State certification, and is the recipient of the Gruss Excellent Teachers Award. A true role model for our students, Mrs. Yaakov comes to YDE with much experience in the classroom. Her educational philosophy is to always validate students for their strengths in the classroom. Midot tobot, sincere effort, and active class participation are always the focus within the classroom. Mrs. Yaakov truly believes that learning is most successful when students believe they can succeed!