Girls High School




Dear 8th Grade Students and Parents,

Welcome to our website and the new YDE Girls High School which will be opening in September 2019!  

We are excited to launch our newest YDE division and provide our growing community with an outstanding girls high school dedicated to Torah ideals and Torah growth. We are committed to striving for excellence in both Limude Kodesh and General Studies and creating a community of kindness, where each student can develop empathy, humility and compassion, while strengthening her middot and her commitment to hesed.

We look forward to creating a warm, nurturing, student centered and academically stimulating environment to enhance the spiritual, intellectual, personal and emotional growth of each student in all aspects of her life. Our curriculum and broad range of elective courses will engage our students’ minds, will challenge them to master textual and analytical skills and will develop their critical thinking abilities and writing and research skills that utilize cutting edge twenty-first century learning strategies that will prepare our students for college, advanced study and the professional careers of their choice. Our passionate, charismatic and nurturing faculty will not only convey knowledge to our students, but will spark our students’ intellectual curiosity and their love of learning while creating meaningful and enduring relationships.

Our students will complement their classroom learning with active participation in a wide array of extra-curricular and team activities. These programs will be transformative and are geared toward developing character, leadership and dedication while encouraging community service and kindness. They will engage our students, develop their talents and build their resilience, providing opportunities for self-awareness, empowerment, reflection and actualizing one’s potential to make a difference.

Our school will be a pulsating central hub of ruah and energy for each student, a place to work hard and expand our minds, while enjoying the company of friends and teachers in an atmosphere of mutual caring, kavod and ahdut. We will emphasize the core values of derech eres, ahavat Yisrael, ahavat Eres Yisrael, hakarat hatov, integrity, modesty and empathy, as well as commitment to one’s family, community, and Am Yisrael. We will focus on the State of Israel as the spiritual heart of our people.

You are cordially invited to attend our inaugural Open House on Sunday, December 16th, 10:30am at Har HaLebanon where you will have the opportunity to meet our Administrative Team and learn all about our four year curriculum and  elective opportunities, unique extra-curricular and leadership experiences and our comprehensive college and career guidance program.  CLICK HERE to pre-register for our Open House and to receive a free gift.    CLICK HERE to access an Application to the YDE Girls High School. Upon receipt of your application, our office will reach out to schedule an appointment for your daughter’s interview.    

I look forward to welcoming you at our Open House on December 16th,  Be”H and getting to know you through the admissions process as you begin your Enriching Experience for a Radiant Future!



Mrs. Helen Spirn