Mrs Frieda Dagmy


Dear YDE Family,

We are delighted to announce that our own Mrs. Frieda Dagmy, dedicated educator and current Middle School Mehanechet, will be joining the YDE Girls High School Administration as Assistant Principal.

Mrs. Dagmy has impacted many young women in her career through her classroom teaching, mentoring and personal relationships which endure long after the school year concludes. She is close to her students, recognizes their strengths, goals and uniqueness, and treats them with respect. In turn, her warmth, sincerity and humility are valued by students, teachers and parents alike.

Mrs. Dagmy’s strong teaching skills reflect her breadth and depth of knowledge, her educational achievements and her experience teaching girls in their varied stages of development. Mrs. Dagmy has earned a BA in Liberal Sciences and a Master’s in Educational Leadership.

Mrs. Dagmy embodies the values of YDE and is incredibly dedicated to our community. She is an extraordinary role model for our YDE family and we are excited about her leadership role in our new Girls High School.

Rabbi Meyer Yedid                             
Rosh HaYeshiva                              
Mrs. Helen Spirn
Principal Girls High School